10 AugNo act of kindness can go wasted – Lets all share moments from our lives.

  • What I believe is that the act of kindness leaves an everlasting impression, no matter how small the act is or in whichever form it’s! I just want to share one incident which recently happened with me.
  • Recently, I saw my help keeper a bit upset and I could notice that she was behaving in a different way. Because usually she greets me saying “daye how are you” Don’t ask me what daye means even I don’t know!!!!!!! May be it’s her own way of calling me since I was a child! So I asked her are you hungry? She said Nope! So I generally talked about how your kids are. Then slowly she opened up and expressed her family dispute.
  • For over half an hour she was talking to me and I could see that how upset she was.Actually, She is quite old and has been working in our house for over 15 years. Later, she placed her hands on my head and said alright daye “khush raho” (be happy). I am not sure if she felt better after talking to me but I did feel good when she blessed me.

  • My entire life one thing which I have always valued is the blessings and wishes of genuine people. Bring a smile to someone’s face or give a hug to someone who is down has a power to wash away sorrows of any kind.
  • Small gestures like these make a whole lot of difference. You will feel a change in yourself; notice how calm and happy you feel to help someone who is in need.

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