19 JanOn Your Mark Get Set – GO

laughing baby

Jesusss! My google site ranking has gone down completely! It SUX big time. Anyway, I pretty much predicted it because I have been out of action for so many days rather months. My son is keeping me far too busy DAY and NIGHT. I don’t even get time to comb my hair!!!!!! OH MY MY – Never knew motherhood brings so much responsibility. Everybody is suggesting me to keep a nanny for my baby who can help me a bit, but I am not interested at all. I want to do everything on my own, what’s the fun in sharing your responsibility as a mother. I would hate to share my time with my son with an outsider. huh

cute baby

I have been reading baby development books to know what my baby will be doing next!

His smile drives away my tiredness.. no matter how tired I am but the minute I talk to him my voice automatically becomes Lively! When I used to see babies smiling I would find them cute.. but when your own baby smiles he just takes your breath awayJ

Posting his recent picture where he has an apple face!

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