One more story of Deception On – Online Dating Site.

Recently, my friend was talking about her dating experience and like always I was very curious to know! She is the kind of woman who loves to date men and too afraid to commit. Anyway, personally speaking sometimes she goes haywire with her dating spree, there is nothing wrong in dating singles but I personally feel you should be choosy! But at the same time everybody is allowed to have fun in whichever way they want provided they are not hurting anyone.

So, she was sharing her experience about what happened with her. She has been chatting with this guy for a while on some online dating website. After conversing on the phone for over 2 months she felt like meeting him as both of them felt a connection. One fine day the guy expressed his desire to go on a date and as expected my friend said YES! She reached before him and after few minutes the guy came and said Hello I am Sam. She was surprised because he didn’t look like the guy from the online dating profile. It was not that he edited his photo and made himself look like a macho guy!

Actually, he was not at all that guy which she saw in the profile. She hesitated to talk about the picture as she didn’t want to look like a fool who got trapped on a online dating site. She did enjoy a chat with him and had a good evening. I am sure this is not the first case when guys or girls mislead their opposite sex through their online dating profiles. But the point is that why men and women on dating sites don’t want to reveal their true identity. Here I am not talking about those people who waffle to post their pictures because it can be misused. I am referring to those people who are outgoing and want to date multiple people at the same time.

Deception on online dating site is not a new story and it happens in various forms. Mostly people lie on dating sites about their educational background, age, marital status, Income, relationship status, appearance and location. Research suggests that online dating is gaining hype, which is quite evident after you notice online dating search results on Google. The only conclusion which I can reach on this is you should listen to your intuition while communicating on online dating sites. It can be fun to date singles only if you are diligent in your approach. I personally know many people who found their partners through online dating websites.

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