20 MarParents Guide: Overall Development of Children

Parents Guide and Tips to help your child gain self confidence, after all we all know how children’s social development is important. This article focuses on ways to build social/emotional skills in your children.

Parents Guide: Overall Development of Children

There are varied forms of responsibilities that Nursery teachers need to perform for the overall development of a child. The teaching methods are not just confined to bookish study material; it also involves various activities that will help children build their social skills.

As an experienced Mont Department teacher I have realized how the psychology of a child works, the way every child is special in their own way and how we need to cater to their individual behavior to facilitate the learning process.

Teachers handling Parents Concern

Teachers are often approached by the parents about their children’s social behavior. Some of the main concerns are the child’s aggressive or shy nature. Therefore, teachers should possess the knowledge and skills on how to practice her behavior to enhance social skills in children of different temper or nature. It’s even more important for Nursery teachers to know the art of inculcating decent behavior among nursery kids because from the age of 3-5 years children form a particular personality trait.

Time is the first and the primary gift that every parent needs to offer to their child. Take out time to spend with your child, have fun together and form a bonding with them. As they say be a friend to your child first!

Casual Talks with your child about basic good manners and bad manners will educate your child as to what is liked and disliked by others. Conversation with children holds an utmost importance in building their personality.

Watch your behavior before you start disciplining your own child. Children often pick up good or bad habits from their peer groups, parents and teachers. In order to nurture good behavior it’s crucial that you practice the same behavior in front of your child in your daily lives. Therefore, teachers and parents need to make a conscious effort to introduce good habits among children so that it’s practiced by the children.

Children need to be encouraged to play with other children so that they get an opportunity to mix up; as it helps a child to develop social skills. Additionally, parents also need to take out the time to play with their kids. Research suggests, children tend to gain social skills more easily if their parents are spending sufficient time with them.

Day to day interaction with children is essential in educating the children about social skills and good values. Parents can encourage children to talk about their everyday events in their preschool, peer group or with their teachers. It will help your child to open up; through this way you can even help your child discuss any event that he likes or dislikes. These kinds of interactions will help you to understand your child’s psychology. Provide your child with comfortable environment; by being a patient listener and never criticize him/her for anything.

The key point that you need to remember while communicating with your child is keep the conversation friendly and enjoyable, instead of making it sound like a lecture. In addition, try to teach your child on how to compromise, adjust to situations with their friends in a calm manner. Give examples on how aggression or verbal abuse should not be practiced.

Overall, both parents and the teachers are the guiding force of a child. Therefore, regular interaction between parents and teachers are required; to facilitate the overall development of a child.

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