17 OctRAFT writing Sample

R.A.F.T writing (COVID-19)

The school to the horrible Coronavirus
GIS, Gems International School Palam Vihar,
C 2 block
Palam Vihar
14th May, 2020

Dear Horrible COVID-19
I hope you know about everything you’ve done. killing lives, hurting people, and bringing this lockdown on to our country (India’s first-ever lockdown). I hope your family members are having a good time, enjoying their tour because this is not going to last long. All the students, teachers, health workers, Police departments, and many more people have been affected because of you. How I wish you never came in the first place, that would be so great, I would be able to see all students teachers coming to school with a smile on their face. Not you laughing with your dreadful, stinky mouth. I’m going to take revenge for the things you have done. In the world of schools, it is a crime taking the Children away from school. Now you’re a criminal in my land, I still can talk to my friends like yesterday I spoke to GD Goenka and DPS, but the children aren’t able to talk to their friends they can talk only on the phones or any other device (it affects their eyes a lot). So, what I’m trying to say is that you better go away otherwise you are going to get caught real bad.
Your greatest enemy
The School

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