07 DecRead These Simple Know- How – Before You Go On A Date!

dating do's and don'ts

If she says a big YES to go on a date then ask her where she wants to go out. You can plan a surprise her also by taking her out to her favorite place (just don’t disclose it in advance).

Things to take care of before going on a date:

• Look decent, don’t overdress! A big no to a formal outfit, instead dress casually. A nice pair of jeans and a soothing color t- shirt works always!

• Who likes smelling creatures?! Always smell nice especially when you are around her! Put on a light deodorant but a no to any kind of strong perfume

• Be yourself don’t act over smart otherwise she will have a clear idea that you are trying too hard to impress her.

• Be confident of yourself. Sometimes when you are very excited to meet someone special then it’s natural to feel nervous. Therefore, carry yourself in a relaxed way instead of revealing that you are bit nervous as it’s your first date with her!

• Greet her nicely as it says a lot about the person so set a pleasant precedent of what you really are.

• Be exceptionally nice and respect her in every way. This is the foremost important factor in impressing girls; otherwise you don’t have a chance to get a date!

• Know the power of an eye contact. Give your total attention to her instead of checking out other girls!

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