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• I am sure not many people remember the serial “Bhanwar” that used to be telecasted on Sony TV. I would like to refresh the memory of all those people who don’t remember it or who are not even aware of it. Bhanwar is a series of real life crime stories of those people who went through a horrific time.

• For all those people who have missed the serial in the past can now watch it on Fox History at 11pm Tuesday. I had seen some of it’s episodes long time back but still I would love to watch it again as it’s dramatization of the real life incidents are outstanding. Take my words for it! Bhanvar is an interesting combination of events that unfold in the most attention-grabbing way.

• As it’s based on real life stories therefore it requires a lot of research to get the insight and detailed information about the case. In order to cross check the facts and figures the team of Bhanvar contacted every member of the case. It’s really impressive that how every minute detailing of every single life incident is captured in the most realistic way. It depicts the kind of emotional trauma the victim’s family goes through for years and years and still in the end still they don’t get justice.

• Everybody is aware of the fact that how justice in the Indian court is denied. And for how long a person has to go through the proceedings of the court. In cases where the justice is delivered there also you have to wait for years and years. There are thousands of verdicts that have released powerful criminals or where innocent people suffered. Why? Either they are not powerful enough or they are not financially strong.

• I only know handful of the cases where criminals got convicted like Jessica Lal Murder case. But HOLD ON how long it had taken for the court to wake up to the reality? Thanks and salute to Jessica Lal’s sister who stood by what she believed in and fought the battle against all those stinking corrupt high profile politicians.

• BUT MIND IT – Justice delayed is Justice denied. Usually, many of the victims just give up because they don’t have the will power to fight for that long or they lack funds to pay to the lawyers.

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  1. PB says:

    Dear Pooja, your article on the delayed court’s decision is quite right. In India the court takes very very long time to decide the punishment for guilty people. There should be amendment in laws so that guilty people should be punished immediately and innocent people get relief.

  2. Prateek Dave says:

    Hi Pooja
    I watched Bhanwar only once in my life but that episode left me with nightmares for few days. I was so much scared that I didn’t dare to watch the 2nd part of that crime story, though I regret it now. You must be remembering about Geeta chopra – Sanjay chopra murder case. watching a comic actor like Mohan gokhle playing a cold blooded murderer really gave me goosebumps. Can u tell me whether I can the 2nd episode of that case on any website?

  3. Pooja Brahmi says:

    Hi Prateek,

    Naah I am not aware of any site where you can watch the series of “Bhanwar” .Infact, I also want it now as I wrote that article when I was in India. In India comes on Fox History at 11pm Tuesday and one more day I am not sure of when. I will try to search on youtube under fox history category.

    I never miss any series that is crime related! That’s why “Bhanwar” has always fascinated me.

    Take Care

  4. rahul says:

    Shall we request to Sony to reintroduce “Bhanwar”.

  5. Parikshat Naryan says:

    Hello Prateek and Pooja

    I have followed most of the episodes.Though at the time when this serial was aired in Sony Tv I was a teenager,I was greatly inspired by the way the stories were presented.

    I wouldlove to watch allthe episodes again.I tries searching on fox history but havent been able to locate it.

  6. prasant says:

    yeah..i agree with all of you above.
    i too watched just one episode and that left an indelible mark on my psyche.
    i tried to search the net a lot but unfortunately did not find the episodes.
    anybody aware of it please do post….

  7. pupun says:

    plz anyone if possible make the episodes retelcst again by any means

  8. Nilesh says:

    I agree the serial is a must watch as its based on reality and true court cases.

    Sony should really start producing new series or atleast retelecast the series.

  9. Anubhav says:

    As rightly said Bhanwar was an excellent tv serial making us aware about crime as it happened.The acting was really good and it made you feel for the victim’s plight and I could still feel the anger against crime that Bhanwar generated at the very bottom of my heart.

    Similarly, a program called ‘Paramveer Chakra’ on the life and sacrifices of Indian soldier was running on DD-1 during those times which is a must watch. Such programmes have a long time positive effect on your thinking.

  10. fara says:

    hey can i knw 4m ver can i get da videos of dis show bhanwar..i nid 2 episodes of dis videos 4 my project…..any site or something…i searched a lot but i dint get ny of dem….

  11. Plato says:

    Hello there. Yes I feel bhanwar is indeed a right tv show to telecast. The world needs to wake up and fight for justice. There are many innocent people in today’s world who suffer without a cause and pay for the sins of the real culprits.
    However Iam so interested to watch the shows in which Kay Kay Menon and Irffsn Khan have acted

  12. ketaki says:

    hello there.plz plz can any one send me the link of bhanwar plz

  13. tarun says:

    hello everbody , this show shows the reality . infact actor who has acted in this show, shows the reality . i have seen all the episode of this on sony television and after that on fox history(repeated telecast). i was looking for the episode on you tube but i have not found . i searched a lot . here i found the some view about the show .so i am also giving my view . i think show should be retelecasted on tv .and also some new episode should be added .

  14. JaSmine says:

    I wish I could find Bhanwar, I remember watching it as child then Sony Tv discontinued it. I would love to find this show, only issue is I have never heard of the channel Fox History, infact we don’t have that channel in the U.S., or maybe I am just not aware of it! If anyone gets an idea of where I can find this show; please let me know!

  15. apurva says:

    First of all i am very thankful to you for viewing such reality show Bhanwar which actuly should be continued i was quite small when i use to watch this series but it really used to touch me the way men dominatd women the chaotic society illeteracy i then thot to work on for such women and now i am persuing law my only aim is to solve such cases and fight for the bettrment of our society and i promose i will solve the problms women still face in our country.

  16. Dil says:

    hi guys !
    i’m trying to search it from many websites but i haven’t found yet 🙁 ! some1 from us who has this drama in cd form should upload to any website so we can download it from there

  17. rt says:

    i really lov this serial who shows all the facts of life ……
    can i download its sm episode…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. sadia says:

    please guyzz… request sony tv to retelecast Bhanwar i desperately want to see it again…. or anyone who has this drama in cd form please upload it for us……..i want to see those real life crime files…..

  19. manoj says:

    Quite a serial….outstanding direction and screen play….having watched it twice, i am still eager to watch it all over again….Sony’s Crime Patrol is being currently telecasted which is similar to bhanwar in its content but have to admit that there is nothing like Bhanwar.

  20. Madhulika says:

    I too watched Chopra kids story in Bhanwar that time I was not aware with the true story I was just watching the show very few part but recently there was some conversation going on that same case & I did remember that this case was that same story & I wish to see that story now if anybody find that part of Bhanwar on any website plz share I am dying to watch that story again.

  21. arsalan says:

    really miss that time and also sony drama bhanwar..
    can any one request sony tv to replay or can some 1 upload at youtbe?

  22. renju says:

    request sony tv to retelecast Bhanwar i desperately want to see it again…. or anyone who has this drama in cd form please upload it for us……..i want to see those real life crime files…..

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