A Sensual Love Letter (I love You Letter)

Handwritten Sensual love letters do wonders to evoke the steamy passion. Each one of us have desired to write a Sensual letter to your sweetheart, husband, wife or your lover. Am I Right? But not many of us know how to write a sensual love letter? Sensual love letters stir up the intimacy in your partner. If you are also thinking of writing a sensual letter for the first time then read some sensual love letters samples.

Sensual Lovemaking Pictures

Sensual Lovemaking Pictures

Don’t we all look for sensual love experience/ encounter with our partners;firm gentle touch of your partner can drive away all the tiredness and stress from your mind. It’s equally important to express your love through words; sensual love letters for someone you are deeply in love with; someone with whom you want to feel the magnet of sensual love.

the blaze in your relationship alive, then why not add that extra spark to your relationship? Whether you are thinking of evoking the romance in your marriage or want to seduce your love; writing a sensual letter will perfectly fill in that place of that missing romance in your relationship.

There are a few important tips to write a Sensual love letter; the most important factor is to make the letter sound seductive not cheap or vulgar! Moreover, before you begin to create a sensual semblance it’s imperative to express your emotional affection with your partner. Tell him how much you are blessed to have him, convey your inner most love for him.

Sensual Lovemaking Pictures

Sensual Lovemaking Pictures

A Sensual Love Letter

Well here we are alone for the very first time. It is like the very first time we have been together – just the two of us. It is snowing outside while we are cuddling in our rather small bed. It is still dark and I look at slender neck line. That beautiful birth mark on your back inviting me for a kiss. Your back is towards me as I slowly move to smell you’re the cascade of hair that surrounds the pillow. I know what you smell like baby, just about any given point of time.

Whether it is at an airport, a walk on the boulevard, while you look away in the kitchen through the window, when you come out of the shower as beads of water drip through your shoulders, through dinner conversations, through tube stations in a European winter; but it is when your turn around blushing at me anxious eyes is when you smell like my wife.

As search through the intoxicating maze of your beautiful hair and finally find your neck, I kiss that tenderness and I experience a slight movement in your legs, just a hint to keep me interested. I am encouraged and spend an extra few seconds on the kiss, a slow wake up, a little touch to entice you to turn around. What I feel is the hint of the smile, the lady needs a little more convincing! So my arms move down the shoulder through the arms and ever inching closer to the orbit of your hip.

Sensual Lovemaking

Sensual Lovemaking

She is turning, my world is turning, the eyes still close, the lips quivering in the dark as I try to act a little surprise but in my heart I feel “Isn’t Kiev beautiful”. I wait, wait for that amazing moment where her eyes slowly start to open, she is wondering why I have not kissed her lips. That’s my signal! With every passion in my soul, I move to her space, so close that her breath on my body keeps me so warm inside. Here is the moment, the lips touch, the mouth opens as I surrender myself to my serpents kiss. It is like a kiss which is warm, our tongues moving around, as she starts to pull my head towards her. I hear a sigh, the words come to me, her first words in a magical start to a Sunday morning – “Hmm baby, what happened to you last night”. It is not a question, it is an approval, it is a passionate recall, a little love making awakening with touch of naughty humor and expectations of the physical and yet highly emotional experience at the peak of passion.

I look around the room and realize the mess with a proud grin, but I also know it is the intense feeling love and belonging that creates sensual fire. The act of love is only the last step in a relationship that has survived the odds and carried through against hard times and anxiety. Like in any relationship, before you twirl, the feeling in the fingertips, the look of being in love, the heat and the sweat is the last frontier which is conquered slowly and with grace.

There is no secret of Sensual love making; when you hear sensual love making stories or watch sensual love making videos you will notice some of the techniques of sensual love making. Every couple wants to experience the beautiful love making pleasure. Sensual massage is one of the most popular way of indulging in a sensual love making. Sensual Play is far more fulfilling than Foreplay; it an immense passionate experience for both the giver and the taker.

Collection of Some of the most appealing and erotic sensual Love Making pictures

Sensual play is an expression of love that nurtures the relationship and help the relationship to transform the dull love life into an erotic love life.

Search for some Sensual Love Making Tips that will help you to know the right ingredients of satisfying your partner with your gentle touch and steamy passion. Sensual love making creates a positive energy in your relationship; bringing you and your partner closer to each other.

To build the passion of love making need to communicate with your eyes. Eyes can speak up the sensual passion that you are craving to create with your love partner.

Sensual Lovemaking

Sensual Lovemaking

Tips To Spice Up Your love Life

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How to talk dirty is a question that comes to every men and women’s mind; after all couples are always in search of ways to spice up their love life. When a man or for that matter woman desire from their partner to talk dirty during love then it’s pretty obvious that you want to explore something more in your love making. Dirty talk to men or Dirty talk to women doesn’t have to be considered a cheap love act; some couples are always ready to experiment something new and are willing to give it out to their partner to fulfill their wildest fantasies through dirty talking during love making.

Writing A Valentine Day Love Letter.

Express your deepest emotion with a Valentine day letter, read letters for Valentine day; after all we all know that Valentine day is coming just around the corner. So are you thinking of writing a valentine love letter? Love letters straight from your heart has the power to entice the dying love, igniting a passion and making that someone special feel loved and cared. Find free Sample of Valentine Day Love Letters that will help you to pour out your love in the most loving and sophisticated way. Love letters for valentine day can be decorated with glitters, some kissing stickers and don’t forget to paste a picture which truly signifies and depicts the chemistry you share with your love.

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  1. I wrote this poem and would like to share it with you. It was a long time ago back in 1997. I had gone through a bad marriage. Hope you enjoy this.
    ” Touched ”
    Sometimes words cannot describe how the heart feels. People search their whole lives for love.
    Some people never stop searching.
    For them forever comes & goes and in the heart remains a lonliness that lingers…
    To find true Love is a mystery beyond.
    Is it possible that there’s someone for everyone?
    Someone to share your days and all your tomorrows?
    In a lifetime people fall in and out of love.
    Some loves escape us and some are lost
    but the heart always remembers the hand that touched it’s soul.

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