Romantic Love Notes To My Sweetheart/Love

Romantic Collection of love notes to my sweetheart/love

Romantic notes to my sweetheart brings a new charm to the relationship. Sometimes little gesture of expressing love touches the heart and make you feel on top of the world. Am I Right?!If you are in love or have ever been in love you know exactly what I am talking about.

Are you wondering how to write a love note to your sweetheart? Don’t worry I will share some samples of love notes that will give you a fair idea on how to write a love note to your love. –

Just a kiss on your shoulder makes me feel like heaven.

Your love and care has made me like a baby that I come to you for every little thing.

I get nightmares of loosing you; may be because I can’t imagine my life without you.

I wish you could read my feelings through eyes every time they look at you. You mean the world to me.

When I wake up at night and see you sleep you look like an angel – is it love or I am mad about you!

I have a complaint – You wasted so many years of my life. Where were you Why you didn’t meet me before.

Your heart is so pure – Your love makes me feel blessed by god.

The only time I am relaxed is when I am with you.

Your cracking laughter and your lovely smile brighten up my day.

My journey of life is so incomplete without you my darling.

Thanks for being on my side and showering your unconditional love.

You are the purpose and fate of my life. My lady luck!

There is nothing sweeter than your kiss

All I want is to be the reason of your smile … every single day of my life I wish to see you laugh and smile.

When you rest your head on my chest I see the whole world in your eyes.

Just by thinking of the moment when I kissed you for the first time – it still makes me heart beat faster!

I wish you were right next to me hugging me while I fall asleep.

Everything around me looks so perfect because you are in my life my love.

Love notes for romantic Couples

These are some of the sample of love notes that you can write for your sweetheart. It’s amazing how lovers can feel the love of their partner in just few words. Love letters that might interest you!

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