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What Is Internet Marketing? PART -1

  • Internet marketing is a form of marketing the services or products on internet. It’s also known as Web Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and e- Marketing. In the last many years internet has opened a wide range of opportunities for the buyers and the sellers. One of the main reasons of the success of internet marketing is because of its lower cost effective marketing methodology.
  • Moreover, the vast number of “reach out” audience on internet from all across the globe is high that contributes to the overall benefits of internet marketing. The creativity aspect of internet marketing involves web designing and various other interactive marketing techniques that will help you in building a successful business.

Why Internet Marketing has become so successful – What’s the role of an Internet marketer?

  • Internet Marketer is solely responsible for formulating an approach in order to attract the customers in need of those services or products. You are helping the customers in reaching out to a destination where they will connect to what they are looking for. Let me explain with a simple example. If you want to buy used textbooks or the latest mobile phone, you will log on to the internet and search for “buy latest mobile phone” or “want to buy used textbooks” A customer will get the links through which he/she can gain information of the latest models of mobiles with different types of schemes and all the companies that engage in selling used textbooks.
  • The leisure of ordering online makes it more interesting and convenient. Due to this reason millions of dollars are spent every day on internet marketing business. Gone are those days when a product promotion required heavy investment to reach out to the customer from all over the world. It is quite amazing how one website can create awareness among so many prospective customers. There is no restriction of working hours, investment on setting up a business unit or reaching out to an international audience. Indeed, it’s truly amazing!
  • In this day and age no business can be successful if it does not showcase products and services over the internet. Due to the lower costs of Internet Marketing even small business groups take advantage of expanding their “reach out” strategy to their prospective customers. Internet Marketing is a powerful tool in helping, small business to grow big and big business to grow bigger.

Traditional Marketing Vs Internet Marketing

  • It is a known fact that the traditional forms of advertising like billboards and Television is quite expensive. The cost continues to rise when the scale of the advertising starts to increase. So if a company is looking for a world-wide media blitz then it should surely have deep pockets.
  • No matter which medium you choose to market your products or services, one factor that decides your success is the “Passion” towards your business. Do you love your work? If the answer is yes! Then let’s get started! First question that comes to mind before one starts a marketing plan is the “investment of money & time”. We are not talking about thousands of dollars in investments; all you need is a little bit of money to commence internet marketing. Let’s say $90.

· Buy a domain

· Buy a hosting plan

  • Share your valued services

Utilize the business prospects that internet marketing delivers by offering value added services and know the techniques to gain a top ranking website in your niche.

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Let’s Do A Reality Check Of Internet Marketing PART -2

Needless to say, Internet Marketing can be a promising career option but it does have its misconceptions for a newbie Internet Marketer. Let me try to explain you the In’s and Out’s of Internet Marketing :-

  • First of all, lets just clear one of the big myths about Internet Marketing. It is not a get rich and famous. If you are really serious about achieving success and to make a lot of money in Internet Marketing then our guidance can be very effective and important to help you achieve your objective. We are not going to misguide you by suggesting an instant short cut strategy to achieve success in Internet Marketing, as a matter of fact there is no instant strategy!
  • You need to work hard and smart! Invest your time in the most optimizing way so that with time you make your presence felt in the field of Internet Marketing Business. You must have heard of jaw dropping success stories of people who have become Internet millionaires. Indeed it’s true but don’t overlook the hard work that they have put in to be at a level where they are! We don’t intend to crush your goals to become a millionaire but yes it’s our responsibility to expose the gospel truth!
  • Moreover, if you treat Internet Marketing as a hobby you will never be able to sustain the business. Internet marketing is a full-fledged business on its own that requires 100% commitment to build brick by brick. In addition to this, once you gain success you need to put an equal amount of hard work to maintain your success. There will be thousands of competitors to compete with, and a lot of criticism will be thrown at you. But always focus on your objective, be fiercely determined and always look for long-term solutions. Having said that, you should also look to form successful association with clients who should be serviced with professionalism and with an eye for detail. Your browser may not support display of this image.
  • Consider Internet Marketing as any other type of business where Customer is still a King! Your priority should always be to understand what the customer wants and how will they respond to different types of Internet Marketing strategies.
  • Make sure you pay your taxes so that you will be considered a legal entity by the government and by your prospective clients and customers. Take an advice from an experienced lawyer who is dealing in this field. Moreover, it would be wise to share an experience of expertise that have been into this business for a long time.
  • Any business requires investment at a regular interval. Just an investment of domain and a hosting plan is not enough to start Internet Marketing Business. Careful consideration should be given in investing money to build your niche. Furthermore, we will explain you how to build a powerful Internet Marketing strategies to get traffic.
  • There are thousands of great Internet Marketing Guide like this one, but there is no magical Internet Marketing Guide available which will give you instant success. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars in buying innumerable Internet Marketing courses, just invest in something worth your money and put those strategies in action. For instance if you make plans to achieve your goals and never implement it then how your plans will yield into successful results. The same philosophy applies to this! No matter how expensive or powerful Internet Marketing Courses you have enrolled in if you don’t practice the KNOWLDEGE then no course will be of any use, no matter which Internet marketing guru you have signed up for.
  • Once your hard work has paid off and you have started generating profits. If you want to sustain the success in a long run then you should invest regularly in building your business stronger instead of bagging in all the profit.

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