Self love letter

Who has the time or even feel the need to write a love letter to oneself ! If you fall in love with yourself, be rest assured it will never die. So I am being a true Cancerian and shielding myself from anyone out there.

Sometimes the love inside is so quiet that you are so busy shielding your broken heart that you cage yourself from every single attempt of being cared and loved by anyone.

I carry my heart in my own hands the hands that are the safest. It feels caged sometimes, the love that has been shattered time over time is still clouded by the bad memories that still haunts. The love inside me is locked up  and I don’t want anyone to even look at me. I sometime feel like being invisible  for the whole world because all you see around is “fakeness”

The best part of being me is that I don’t need anyone to complete me. The feeling of motherhood is enough in itself to have an aim for life. Here I dedicate this song to my son.

All I need is some coffee some documentaries and books.

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