Shahrukh Khan Doesn’t Seem To Like Gauri Khan’s Skin Tone


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  • I still remember Shahrukh Khan ’s add where he is promoting fairness beauty cream for men. I guess that add has proved his thoughts towards how he perceive beauty. As far as I remember his wife Gauri Khan has brown skin tone. Does that imply that Sharukh Khan doesn’t like His Wife Gauri Khan’s skin tone?

  • Shahrukh Khan has done innumerable ads and he has been paid quite well. Fair enough! He is a well known personality all over the world so it’s justified if he promotes certain products. I personally think that before endorsing any brand you need to examine the kind message you will be giving to the whole society. And especially when you are a famous personality it becomes even more important for you to interpret your actions.

So now let’s analyze your own thought process!

  • Do you look around and tend to compare your skin color with others and say to yourself “Ah wish I had that skin tone? Do you fall in this category? If the answer is Yes then-Needless to say, you don’t seem to take pride in your skin color and search for ways by which you can transform your skin color to something you really like. It’s a clear sign that you don’t seem to embrace your skin tone . In countries like Japan, India, Brazil etc they honor pale skin and it’s considered to be the only beauty trait. Now the million dollar question is Who can benefit from this mind set of people craving to get a fairer skin? Huh No awards for guessing – It’s the Beauty Products business!


  • I have seen many women who literally spend hell lot of money in buying beauty products that make you fair . They are willing to practice any beauty regime like home remedies to get fair skin. To what extent one can get desperate to change their skin tone? For how long one can disguise their own natural skin tone? Isn’t it a sign of lack of respect towards yourself ? Are you not creating a belief where you yourself look up to pale skin and shun dark skin/ brown skin/lighter skin? Then how can you blame the society who labels fair skin as “beauty”

  • Skin tone is superfluous in liking or disliking the person. We all need to recognize and affirm to ourselves that no matter what skin color we have we should learn to embrace ourselves. Never judge people irrespective of white/black/brown color; be comfortable with what you have. God has blessed all of us in certain ways and rest is up to us on how we lead our lives.

"Self respect is something that can’t be killed. The worst thing is to kill a man’s pretense at it"

– Ayn Rand

Are Beautiful Girls Just About Make Up And Breakups?


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· I remember a discussion with one of my friend on how beautiful girls and average looking girls think differently and how men perceive them. He said that average looking girls don’t flirt around much because they know that they are just average looking and if they flirt around then that can hamper their reputation. On the other hand, beautiful girls are more in demand and even if they flirt around still they will get loads of proposals at their doorstep.

· Secondly, average looking girls are easy to approach and have no hang ups. On the contrary, beautiful girls are surrounded by many offers after all beauty rules. Thirdly, average looking girls are less demanding and are willing to compromise. They are satisfied with what they have, unlike beautiful girls who crave for more materialistic things and never compromise with anything.

· Average girls are more caring not like beautiful girls who are self obsessed with their looks and makeup. And in the end he said most of all average girls are more committed to the relationship than beautiful girls. Therefore, men feel more secured with average looking girls because beautiful girls are surrounded by more offers all the time.

· My reaction to my friend :- First and the foremost thing is that it’s ridiculous to categorize beautiful girls Vs Average Looking Girls . Every girl is beautiful in her own way. There is no point in differentiating between "so called" Average Looking Girls and Beautiful Girls. But still I would like to share my response to my friend who raised this conversation.  Firstly, What girls think and how they think has nothing to do with their outer beauty. Every girl has different opinions, thoughts, values, dreams, wants and desires. It has nothing to do with their personality.

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· Both average looking girls and beautiful girls look for a loving partner who is loyal, caring and responsible towards his family. If any girl chooses to flirt around and have a time pass affair then it’s entirely because of the kind of choice, outlook she has towards life and relationships. You can’t judge anyone just based on what kind of choices they make in life.

· And as far as commitments and compromises are concerned, again it depends on your perspective towards life. If a girl is in love with some guy then all the 3 C’s will come naturally. (Compromises, Commitments, Care ). You can win any girls heart and be with her for rest of your life only if your love is unconditional. Therefore, it’s absurd to think that men feel more secured with average looking girls than beautiful girls.

· I want to share one more incident. There is one uncle who once was talking to my brother about this wedding he attended. He was like the wedding was organized beautifully and the girl’s family spend a lot of money in organizing the event. Then after a while he went to the extent of saying – No matter how much they spend and have entertained their guests in the most lavish way BUT BUT The girl was not beautiful at all. The minute he said that I raised my eyebrows and said that it’s completely presumptuous to have an opinion like that. What difference it’s going to make whether the girl is average looking or beautiful.

· He questioned me “for you what matters?” I said all that matters is the nature of the girl. He smiled sarcastically and said “I know they had to spend a lot on the wedding because their daughter was not beautiful” I was disgusted with his statement and said I guess for you marriage is just a business deal. You will choose a proposal based on how much money you can make. I gave him a sickened expression and just walked away. I guess in today’s time men don’t just run for beauty. May be its different when it’s just for time pass affair or dating then it’s a different case. But when it comes to a long term commitment then men need more than just beauty. Irrespective of what I have written above still you will find thousands of marriage proposals stating " Extremely Beautiful, Fair, Slim, Working and Rich Girl Wanted! Am I Right? All I can say that those men who think like this don’t deserve to be your partner. And those men who blame their family that they will find a proposal for them – then they are not capable of taking a stand of their own. So how can any girl entrust her whole life to this kind of man?