What To Do When You Or Your Partner Fall Out Of Love


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Some quick signs and facts of falling out of love:

• When he looks for every bit of opportunity to create an issue out of nothing! He argues about any possible thing under the sun!

• He hardly talks to you, and when you take an initiative to start a conversation he ignores you completely.

• He no longer appreciates you; never acknowledge any effort made by you to make him happy.

• All of a sudden he demands a break from the relationship. It has to be the final sign that he no longer is into you!

• He avoids taking you out, prefers having fun with his friends. If you suggest some outing, he always makes an unacceptable excuse.

• He has totally stopped making love to you, love and intimacy is missing for a long time.

• He has stopped caring about you. He is never there when you need him the most.

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What To Do When You Or Your Partner Fall Out Of Love

• If your partner has suddenly started mistreating you for no reason, he developed a habit of insulting you in public leaving you heartbroken. It’s a bad sign of any relation, you may ignore these actions first but the process of falling out of love has already hit your mind.

• In some cases it’s prudent to take some time out to decide if your relationship is worth it and take some time to decide if the relationship still has some hope of blooming once again. Is it worth saving?

• If you see any of the above signs in you or in your partner then consider it as a warning sign. The most important factor in a healthy relation is an emotional bond; if the emotional compatibility has diminished then it’s a wake up cal for you to communicate with your partner.

• Lack of communication and unrealistic expectations are regarded to be the main reasons for couples to feel that they are not being loved. But there is hope for you to analyze and work towards bridging up the gap between you and your partner. Relationships don’t break up in one day, things happen unexpectedly. All of us have experienced the ultimate and magical emotion of in love and being loved, but how many of us are able to nurture the love.

• Falling out of love can have overwhelming consequences, hence it’s important to evaluate an unexpected change in you or your partner’s feelings. Needless to say, sometimes infatuation or lust towards someone, makes the whole situation far more complicated.

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Relationships are not easy; it requires a lot of hard work. The most important key to have a healthy relationship is to know the ways to have a healthy communication. Needless to say, every marriage goes through differences and fights. Therefore, it becomes vital to understand that how can you strengthen your marriage with love, care and patience.

  • Many marriages go through tough times because of lack of effective communication. Irrespective of the fact, for how many years you have been married still every couple goes through arguments.
  • The only factor that can be helpful to resolve the conflicts in a marriage is to be a good listener and be understanding about your partner’s concerns.
  • First and the foremost is “Respect” for your partner should be maintained. Therefore, under no circumstances you should use Filthy or Abusive Terms. (Yeah you can use any abusive term if you catch your hubby making out with some other woman 😉
  • Let your partner express her/his concerns about the things which has been bothering him/her. Therefore, don’t interrupt in between when your partner is articulating.

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  • Mostly, couples don’t let each other finish the conversation and swoop in between to defend themselves.
  • In order to make your partner feel cared you need to be patient and make your partner express her/his thoughts without any restraint.
  • Once your partner finishes, ask him/her that is there anything else you want to share? If the answer is ‘No” then move forward to express your views about the whole issue.
  • Don’t hesitate to bring humor to an argument. Sometimes, it really works. Ask your partner what things hurt him/her. Usually couples blame their partners for getting hurt on trivial things. Always remember, it’s a human nature to get hurt.
  • If your partner behaves differently – Ask him/her that “ Is something bothering you” This will not only make her/him feel wanted but will also makes her/him feel comfortable of opening up about certain things that are bothering him/her recently.

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  • Don’t name the process of opening up as ‘Cribbing’ or ‘Complaining”. Usually couple makes this mistake of dismissing their couple by being ignorant to the whole situation. This can be quite disheartening for your partner and can also make her/him feel neglected.
  • Always be willing to change, any change that makes your partner happy is welcoming. But, don’t expect drastic or unreasonable changes. While arguing, do appreciate your partner. Don’t just focus on negative attributes.
  • Look into the eyes of your partner while communicating. Make your partner feel that you are paying attention to her/his concerns.Simple gestures like holding hands, caressing the back, hair can make your partner feel cared.
  • Most couples say “ I don’t like this” “I want this” In today’s demanding world where you have demanding jobs where you don’t leave any stone unturned to impress your boss and put your best effort at your workplace. But not many couples are willing to put even 30% of the same in their personal lives. The only reason is that some couple takes their partners for “granted”

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  • Before you and your partner drift apart emotionally, try to practice introspection.
  • Watch your words and actions. Never ever bring the past back issues while arguing. It can result into bitterness and can cause resentment.
  • Therefore, don’t blurt out things which you will repent it later. When you feel dishearten and hurt, then the philosophy which usually couples espouse – is to make the other partner feel equally miserable. If you do the same then STOP IT NOW! It’s totally wrong!!!
  • Don’t do “name calling” in a sarcastic way. I guess you guys know what I’m talking about here!
  • The utmost important aspect of being “Happy” in a relationship is to put yourself at your partners place and then understand the concerns of your partner. Every couple needs to realize that marriage is like an association. Every couple usually have the same dream and goals to achieve; i.e to have a peaceful environment and a comfortable lifestyle, then why not strengthen the “Bond” of your marriage .
  • Hence, it involves the support and participation of both the partners to make each other feel at ease, loved and cared. Needless to say, every couple would love to have a healthy and affectionate marriage.

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  • Of course saying “I Love You” is important but more than words sometimes you require it to show with your actions, gestures and how you make your partner feel about having you in the relationship.
  • But, if the differences are not resolved with the right approach then it can lead to break-up, Extra- marital affairs or inclination towards any other person, Depression and can even lead to suicidal attempts. Before it gets too late, understand your partner and make each other feel loved.

Effective communication can do wonders for any relationship. There is no one way to keep your marriage affectionate, harmonious and loving. With time every relationship grow – just relax it’s natural to have disagreements and misunderstandings.