Feeling Lonely (Know How To Overcome Loneliness)



Feeling lonely? There are times when the feelings of loneliness trapped our mind and we tend to think on How to deal with loneliness. Help fight loneliness with your own actions; you have the power to overcome loneliness. The pain and agony of suffering from loneliness is unbearable this is when you seek help with loneliness.
You can overcome loneliness once you tell you get into action by being focused towards your goals and dreams. Needless to say, coping with loneliness requires courage and strength.

I walk alone
“I need someone to talk to” How many times you have said this to yourself?

• Sometimes we think that there is nobody to talk to. All of us need to be heard! But not all of us have someone to whom they can approach to share their thoughts and fears. Even if you have someone who is willing to share your concerns and thoughts, still you don’t necessarily feel comfortable to open up. In situations like these when you feel that nobody understands you and you feel lost, it’s advisable to bring out your thoughts and feelings in some ways.

• Furthermore, each one of us goes through crisis in our lives, whether it’s related to their personal or professional life. There are times when we are happy or sad, during these times when we need someone to talk to.

• At the same time in today’s busy life you will find people who are not able to balance their professional and personal life. It leads to breakups, divorce and conflicts which affect their emotional well being. This is the time when you feel left out, rejected and detached from the outside world.

• It becomes difficult when you don’t even feel comfortable to share your concerns and emotions with your friends and family. During these times it gets very hard for an individual to lead a relaxed life with all the cluttered thoughts in their mind.
Things to do to feel relaxed and to gain a positive frame of mind:-

• In times like these, when you don’t have anyone to open up to it’s advisable to pour your thoughts through writing.

• With the advent of internet you are exposed to thousands of help line in the form of websites. Make the best use of it.

• There are many chat rooms where you can interact with other people. But the most important factor is first to take care of your own security by not sharing your personal information.

• Start your own blog or a forum where you have the freedom to talk about issues you are facing. It will not only help you to open up but you will also be able to help other needy people who need assistance.

• Don’t hesitate to call a helpline to seek counseling.

• I am not a professional person to guide but still I respect every individual’s right to open up. I hold my beliefs and values with great respect and value other person’s point of view at the time of crisis. The only factor that has been helpful for me to heal my fears is to communicate with someone you trust.

• But there are times when you don’t have someone to gain strength from, during that time search for strength within you. It’s easy said than done! But the most fulfilling relationship you can ever form is the relationship with yourself.

• I am sure that I and my blog don’t even exist in the internet world! But that doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I hold my vision, beliefs and thoughts to myself and the blog provides me the freedom to open up. That’s the only purpose of this blog, it’s quite overwhelming to read my own thoughts.

• I thank all those people who post their valuable comments on my blog, it boost my morale that there are some people who acknowledge my effort to talk about certain issues that makes a difference.

• So the only suggestion for people out there who need someone to talk to is to find activities that will help you open up, boost your morale and lift up your subdued spirit.

• Eat healthy, read novels,dance, listen to music, write poems, participate in sports and most of all go out and help needy people.

• It will give you an immense strength that you have helped someone who is going through a tough time. Believe me the pain, anger and sorrows that are building inside you will slowly diminish.

• If you see someone who you think is introvert, lonely and going through an emotional trauma don’t be judgmental, just approach the person with an open mind. It requires a great deal of patience and effort to understand a person who is a victim of stress, depression, child abuse or any kind of addictions.

Get connected with other people who share the same vision and thoughts towards life.

What To Do When You Or Your Partner Fall Out Of Love


couple counselling

Some quick signs and facts of falling out of love:

• When he looks for every bit of opportunity to create an issue out of nothing! He argues about any possible thing under the sun!

• He hardly talks to you, and when you take an initiative to start a conversation he ignores you completely.

• He no longer appreciates you; never acknowledge any effort made by you to make him happy.

• All of a sudden he demands a break from the relationship. It has to be the final sign that he no longer is into you!

• He avoids taking you out, prefers having fun with his friends. If you suggest some outing, he always makes an unacceptable excuse.

• He has totally stopped making love to you, love and intimacy is missing for a long time.

• He has stopped caring about you. He is never there when you need him the most.

falling out of love
What To Do When You Or Your Partner Fall Out Of Love

• If your partner has suddenly started mistreating you for no reason, he developed a habit of insulting you in public leaving you heartbroken. It’s a bad sign of any relation, you may ignore these actions first but the process of falling out of love has already hit your mind.

• In some cases it’s prudent to take some time out to decide if your relationship is worth it and take some time to decide if the relationship still has some hope of blooming once again. Is it worth saving?

• If you see any of the above signs in you or in your partner then consider it as a warning sign. The most important factor in a healthy relation is an emotional bond; if the emotional compatibility has diminished then it’s a wake up cal for you to communicate with your partner.

• Lack of communication and unrealistic expectations are regarded to be the main reasons for couples to feel that they are not being loved. But there is hope for you to analyze and work towards bridging up the gap between you and your partner. Relationships don’t break up in one day, things happen unexpectedly. All of us have experienced the ultimate and magical emotion of in love and being loved, but how many of us are able to nurture the love.

• Falling out of love can have overwhelming consequences, hence it’s important to evaluate an unexpected change in you or your partner’s feelings. Needless to say, sometimes infatuation or lust towards someone, makes the whole situation far more complicated.