Why Do We Sometimes Hate Ourselves?


Loneliness is killing me from within

I am sure that this “topic” will sound “bizarre” to some of the readers. Personally speaking “Psychology” is one of my favorite areas of interest. The title is directly connected to:-

  1. Depression
  2. Loneliness
  3. Stress
  4. Anger
  5. Alcoholic
  6. Chain Smoker
  7. Drug Addiction
  8. And many more emotional setbacks.

Mostly, those people who don’t admire themselves tend to have various emotional problems. Some of the main reasons of an individual “hating themselves” are:-

  1. Being let down by the society
  2. Injustice
  3. Criticism
  4. Lack of Emotional Attachment
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. Childhood Abuse
  7. Sexual Abuse
  8. Lack of self esteem
  9. Neglected by the society
  10. Rejection

  • In order to lead a blissful life, it’s very important to have self – love. You can’t gain the love of others if you lack self love. First you need to be at peace with yourself then only you can gain peace with others.
  • Needless to say, introspection is the answer to all your questions. It will allow you to help yourself by allowing you to overcome all the negative emotions which you have build against yourself.
  • Write down all the memories, decisions, individuals and incidents that make you feel inferior of yourself.
  • Don’t doubt your true ability to be a strong person and assemble all the strong attributes of your personality.
  • Don’t set unrealistic standards for yourself. If you think you have made certain wrong decisions in life then try to self – empathize. Nobody is perfect! Even the most influential people on this earth have made mistakes in life.

  • Don’t let your past bad decisions hinder your future growth. Accept all your mistakes and learn a lesson from every mistake you commit.
  • There are many people who have suffered from some kind of abuse in their lives. Indeed it’s tormenting to go through an emotional abuse.
  • If you think you should have apposed the oppressor in the past then its better late than never. Never endure ay kind of abuse no matter in which form it is targeted on you.
  • Have you missed any opportunities in the past and didn’t give your best effort? I am sure it hurts and sometimes we do curse ourselves for not utilizing an opportunity in the best possible way.
  • I have noticed many people discussing about their past regrets and blaming themselves. This way they become a victim of depression but they are also obliterating their present and the future.
  • Many times I have seen people blaming their cultural or family background for not being successful in their lives. I know the family values and guidance counts a lot in shaping an individual. But after a while it’s our actions and decisions that can either “make us” or “break us”.
  • Therefore, it’s alright if you have not received the required assistance in the past. You can now be “self-motivated” and excel in your life. It’s quite fulfilling to be “On Your Own”

How the Psychology of Serial killers Work- Are You Curious To Discover?


Since my school days I have been inclined on “how the Psychology of Serial killers Works”

How can we really study the complexities of the psychology behind serial killers? For over many years the main explanation which I have been discovering on – Why some people turned into serial killers? – What exactly Serial Killers go through? Research suggests some of the main following circumstances:

  1. Childhood Abuse
  2. Brain Injuries
  3. Genetics
  4. Rejection
  5. Family problems
  6. Injustice
  7. Painful traumatic experiences
  8. Sexual Abuse
  9. Cultural or Family Background

Does that imply that those people who go through the above situations will turn out to be Serial Killers? There is a huge percentage of population that goes through some of the above traumas.

  • What is the factor that set them apart from rest of the people? Needless to say, the killer experience a lethal urge which needs to be studied in order to understand that why a normal human being turn into a slaughter.
  • Obviously, the serial killer goes through a dire rage while committing the crimes. But Hold On! Don’t we all experience Rage and end up loosing control on our self? However, we cope with our anguish and don’t go to an extent of loosing our morality.
  • What’s that part in our mind that helps us gain control on ourselves. What’s lacking in the serial killers mind that forces them to become a beast? Overall, we need to know the factors that set them apart. Why can’t the serial killers curb the monster in themselves?
  • Many researchers have dedicated themselves in studying the inside mind of the Serial Killers. In the coming posts we will surely discuss about it.