Thank You For Sleeping With My Husband


sexual encounter

Whenever you find men cheating on their wives or girlfriends you tend to question who’s fault is it anyway? You can’t really pass a judgment on anyone until and unless you are well aware of the inside story. Every day you read about celebrities betraying their partners. All of us love to read about any personal information of top celebrities , politicians or big business tycoons . The fact remains most of us don’t really give a damn about their wives or girlfriends who have been betrayed. How does it really affect us?

Stories of Tiger Woods Betrayal , Ronnie Wood cheating his wife after 24 years of marriage and hooking up with a 21 year old Russian girl. Latest news of Sandra Bullock’s Husband extramarital affair with a tattoo model and how can you forget Mel Gibson’s extramarital affairs . For a matter of fact the stories of betrayals are endless. Needless to say, you will find more men cheating on their wives and girlfriends and vice versa. In no ways I am defending women! But if you see the stats then it’s quite evident that men tend to cheat on their partners are far more.

When women accuse the new love of their man then I find it a bit weird. Why women are hounding the other “girl in the picture”? Is your husband a dead brain that he doesn’t know how to control his emotions? Instead of accusing the other girl for enticing their husbands to leave their wives?!!!

The reason why I am writing an article on this topic is because today I was reading a article where wives literally pay other women to sleep with their husbands. The woman will find out on the request of the wives or girlfriends to what extent their husbands or boyfriends will go. These women are hired by detectives and get paid!

Some people are accusing “honey trappers ” for entrapment. Again I totally disagree with it! If your husband is loyal to you then no matter what happens your husband will not get trapped in any kind of sexual temptation . Why don’t you expect your husband to say “No” to any sort of sexual encounter??

There is one more series same as that of “Cheaters ”. First they keep a watch on the suspect to ascertain if the suspect is seeing someone else. Later an agent approaches the “Suspect” in a friendly way. And if the person shows interest, then the agent pursues it further to find out to what extent the man or the woman can go!!

I find it quite interesting! Though I will never hire a honey trapper to hit on my husband; in no way I suspect the loyalty of my husband. In case you think your relation is not working then it’s better to talk it out or hire a relationship counselor . Later, if you think your relationship hasn’t worked out then “Honey trapper” will definitely give answers to your questions.

Till then don’t monitor your husbands let them free. Sooner or later if they are going to make the “Cardinal Sin” you need to be smart enough to CATCH THEM!

Short Romantic Love Stories


Short Romantic Love Stories

Love actually is a great Romantic film full of emotions and comedy.

There are many love stories emerged in the film. I usually catch it up on cable, I have watched it several times as I really liked some of the love stories which are quite realistic in our day to day lives. I wanna share some of the stories and why I liked it.

keira knightley pictures

Love Story of Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andrew Lincoln

Keira Knightley gets married to Chiwetel Ejiofor in a beautiful ceremony. Andrew Lincoln has a secret crush on Keira. He video tapes Keira in her wedding ceremony. One fine day she turns up at Andrew’s house and watches the video tape of her wedding. All she finds is her clippings in the video tape and she soon realizes that he has deep feelings for her. She finds it shocking because Andrew has always been unfriendly to her.

love letters

Later on the Christmas Eve he shows up and says without any hope and agenda I want to say that you are perfect. As he leaves Keira runs after him and gives a kiss. And then Andrew says to himself – enough now it’s time to move on with life.

This story is one of my favorite because it’s quite realistic. I am sure there are so many people out there who are quite reluctant in expressing their love and then they end up loosing them. Secondly, I don’t really support the actions of Andrew who approached Leira after she got married. I find it weird and quite unacceptable if you approach a married person and say you are in love with him/her. Just my personal thought!

Second love story of Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz

a passionate kiss

Colin discovers his girl friend in a sexual encounter with his brother. He finds himself totally heartbroken and heads to his French Cottage.

There he meets Lucia who doesn’t speak in English. Irrespective of the language barrier they communicate with each other so beautifully. Later, Colin plans to return back to London. Before leaving the way they look at each other and expresses themselves without uttering a single word is so amazing. He takes up Portuguese language course and on the Christmas Eve he comes back to Marseille. He goes to a Portuguese restaurant where Aurelia started working. He proposes her in a broken Portuguese language and she accepts his proposal in English which she also learned when he was away.

The reason this love story is my favorite is because of the way they communicated through their eyes and later made an initiative to learn each other’s language.

Third Love Story

Alan Rickman is working in a design agency and having a mid- life crisis, that makes him feel attracted to his secretary who is also showing a clear sign of being interested. He gets an expensive necklace for his secretary as a Christmas gift. Later his wife discovers the necklace in his coat and presumes that it’s for her. But all she gets as a Christmas gift is a CD. She obviously realizes that her husband is having an extra marital affair. She doesn’t encounter her husband or questions him. As she didn’t want to spoil her kids day, so she goes to the bedroom and burst into tears. After few days she opens up to her husband ad says “You have made a fool out of me” But as time passes by she gives him a second chance. And then they slowly come to terms of working out their relationship.

extra marital affair

My opinion about this love story is opposite of what happens. There should not be any second chance to a situation like this. If your wife/husband ditches you then for the sake of your self esteem just fuckin walk out of the relationship.

Fourth story is the cutest love story.

Liam Neeson’s wife dies after a long illness. Now Liam is just left with his stepson Sam hardly 11 years old. One fine day Sam shares his secret love for a girl in his school. The boy sees Billy Mack’s video and realizes that girls fall for musicians. Liam encourages him to learn how to play drums. Sam plays drums for Joanna while she sings in the Christmas performance “ All I Want For Christmas Is You”. But unfortunately, Sam is unable to grab Joana’s attention. Later, he comes to know that Joana is leaving to the United States. Liam encourages him to meet Joana at the airport.

love confession

Once they reach the airport they find Joanna heading to board the flight with her family. As expected the attendant refuses to allow Sam to cross the security check. Dramatically, the attendant gets distracted by another passenger enabling Sam to sneak in. He manages to get through Joanna and confesses his love for her and leaves. Joanna runs back to him and gives him a kiss on his cheek. He obviously gets startled and later curses himself of not giving her a kiss back.
This love story is mine and hubby’s favorite!!!!!