08 MarThe Divine Intervention In Our Life


Every time you go through a set back in life; you tend to question yourself why god is punishing us ? WHY ME?

But little do we know that how god shapes us in tough times . The whole process of introspection allows you to experience an inner spiritual journey that makes you a stronger person. Whatever obstacle you are facing now will make you realize where you went wrong in the past. And how can you formulate a new approach to achieve your goal in the future.

Do you remember the times when your father tried to discipline you by being strict with you? How rebellious you would have got during that time? But the point is why your loved ones would discipline you with their harsh behavior. Obviously, they don’t want you to just punish you for the sake of punishing; they do it for your own good; which you can only realize in hind sight.

In the same way god is not punishing us in our tough times; instead god is making us realize how we can correct our past and the present. In demanding times it’s a human nature to complain to god as to why they are suffering ? Only in bad times we come closer to god and talk to god about why everything is falling apart?

Have you ever discovered a new side to you whenever you are going through difficult times? You should feel blessed by god if you go through trials and tribulations, because only during your fall you will learn how to rise again. Try to learn how you can transform the challenging times into a glory. It’s when we triumph during the time of adversity then only we realize that we stood out against all odds.

Just believe in yourself . Try to help others even when you are down on your luck. The sense of blessing from others will make you feel stronger as a person. It will give you an immense sense of satisfaction that you have a thought of helping others even when you yourself are going through testing times.

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  1. co says:

    Thank you Pooja for this post. I found it particularly inspiring… as I’ve been going through some testing times lately and I have been looking for the answer to the “Why me?” question.

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