02 NovThe Question Of God – Do You Search For Reasoning Of Your Beliefs?!

Where is god?

Where is God? What’s the proof that God exist?
Well, I guess every single person can relate to this article. At least, once in our lives we have questioned the existence of God.

  1. Usually, all of us inherit religion from our respective families.
  2. There are some people who develop their own perceptions towards following a particular religion.
  3. Some people convert their religion because of distinctive reasons.
  • There is nothing mischief about challenging the existence of god. Usually in our society whenever you commence a discussion about “The existence of God” you won’t probably find many people who are willing to share their views.
  • There are many reasons behind this because they are accustomed to following some particular kind of religion because that’s what their families have been practicing it for years.
  • Other kinds of people don’t really find any reason to question the existence of god because they don’t have the courage to go against the society where majority of the people have strong faith on their respective gods. Don’ dismiss it by labelling it as an “Indisputable Discussion”
  • And the rest of the people don’t want to get into something which can create rage in the society (because the topic of religion/ god is a very sensitive issue). But I personally believe that before an individual Embrace something whether it’s a religion, relationship or any emotional attachment, you should question your “Faith” on it.
  • And here comes those kinds of people who are always are always interested to start an intellectual and a healthy discussion.
  • What’s an evidence that god exist?

  • Most of all, I encourage the freedom of speech, no matter you are speaking in favor of me or against me. I am sure the debate on “The Existence of God” may turn into an argument. But that shouldn’t be the reason to stop you to share your views and thoughts on God which is an integral part of our lives.

Why are we here?
What's life all about?
Is God really real,
or is there some doubt?

– Monty Python, “The Meaning of Life”

3 Responses to “The Question Of God – Do You Search For Reasoning Of Your Beliefs?!”

  1. manas mishra says:

    hi,its a very sensitive and topic close to heart of most of the people.And must say,unlike the other articles,dealing about the other things,it talks about one of the most should-be-touched- topics.I must say that the questions raised in last are really very close to heart of mine as a person.there is people whothink that when a normal person thinks about such issues,he/she is in trouble either mentally or physically. some even say that you have lost your mind.i have even gone through it.its a real topic that needs to be discussed in more detail. at least this much i feel.and its not thought provoking but its a reflection that out there are also people in world where most of the people are materialistic in all the terms,who think about this issue.

  2. Pooja.Brahmi says:

    Hey Manas,

    Of course I will write more about ” Questions about the existence of god ” It’s just an overview of what goes through my mind sometimes.

    Do share your views on what you think about ” existence of god “

  3. Santanu says:

    My favourite topic

    [Why are we here?
    What’s life all about?
    Is God really real,
    or is there some doubt?]

    The questions are profoundly philosophical and my ideas on this issue are based on Hindu thoughts. But I did not arrive at my ideas just because I am a Hindu but because after going through many religious texts I found that only the ancient Hindu texts made some efforts to answer these questions. I am not sure whether they ultimately managed to satisfactorily answer this but at least they made a good effort. If they failed, they are not to blame because God probably cannot be comprehended fully by the Human mind….just like we cannot comprehend where the sky (space) ends and what is “beyond” that. It puzzles us and we do not know…but we keep on trying to understand and theorizing. Many, like us, give up. The brave ones still strive to understand. So, about God too, we just theorize but we are unable to comprehend God fully and probably we won’t be able to comprehend God fully, because it is said (and I have understood from some reliable sources ) that to understand God, you have to become a part of God.

    So to answer the questions as per my understanding …

    Q. Why are we here?
    A. We are here to fulfill a small part of our larger mission…to ultimately become a part of God or rather merge with God or be one with God. And the key to the mission is Love.

    Q.What’s life all about?
    A. Its about fulfilling a mission, an objective which is to achieve a larger goal; but not only for oneself but also to help others achieve their goal

    Q.Is God really real?
    A. It depends on what “reality” is to you. What is real to someone might not be real to me. For example, to the person living in the 15th century, the existence of X-ray was not real (although it still arrived from far flung galaxies and stars). Today it is real to us and we can even produce it. But maybe not so real to all of us even today..say the jarwas, for example.

    Q…or is there some doubt?
    There will always be doubt for those who have not yet reached the stage of perception. Most human beings fall in that category. So after many discussions and theorizing and conjecture, the element of doubt cropped up even in our profound philosophical texts.

    In the beginning there was neither existence nor non- existence; there was no atmosphere, no sky, and no realm beyond the sky. What power was there? Where was that power? Who was that power? Was it finite or infinite?

    There was neither death nor immortality. There was nothing to distinguish night from day. There was no wind or breath. God alone breathed by his own energy. Other than God there was nothing.

    In the beginning darkness was swathed in darkness. All was liquid and formless. God was clothed in emptiness.

    Then fire arose within God; and in the fire arose love. This was the seed of the soul. Sages have found this seed within their hearts; they have discovered that it is the bond between existence and non-existence.

    Who really knows what happened? Who can describe it? How were things produced? Where was creation born? When the universe was created, the one became many. Who knows how this occurred?

    Did creation happen at God’s command, or did it happen without his command? He looks down upon creation from the highest heaven.

    Only he knows the answer – or perhaps he does not know.

    ~ Rig Veda 10:129.1-7

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