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online dating tips for women

Whenever I get together with my girlfriends all they crib about is not getting their Mr. Right! Irrespective of thousands of medium we have these days where you have innumerable ways to interact with interesting people. Still not many women get what they really want.

Have you lost hope in finding someone special on online dating sites? I would like to list some of the blunders that women usually make on online dating sites. Boost your success rate considerably by avoiding all these mistakes and choose a right plan to get interesting men for dating.

Are you tired of sitting in front of your computer screen and just dieing to get a message from handsome men? Daily you check your scrap book hoping today you will get some message but to your disappointment no handsome men contacted you so far.
Have you given up?!

Listen to your intuition

If you feel that he is not the right man you are talking to, then don’t ignore your intuition. Whenever you have a slight doubt that the man is hiding something or pretending to be someone he is not then chances are your intuitions are warning you to be safe. Filter your dates and meet only those who genuinely interest you, instead of wasting your time in trying your luck on total strangers. This approach always work in brushing away all the bad dates.

Don’t wait for men to write to you first

Most women believe in the very traditional approach that men approach women for dates. Are you visiting handsome men profiles on online dating and totally drooling over some of them! You do pause for a while but you can’t really make up your mind whether you be supposed to drop a message or not. Women think that if they will approach men first then may be it will give a sign that they are desperate! Mostly women want men to approach them. And it’s a very fact that women feel awkward in approaching men first, no matter how madly they are attracted towards them.

dating tips for women
Actually, the truth is men love it when women approach them. So from now onwards if you like some guy’s profile just doesn’t hesitate to send a short text message. Most probably, you will get a reply back and from there on you can take it further!! Just make sure that you upload an interesting profile on dating sites! So don’t waste your time in just waiting for interesting men to get in touch with you first.

Don’t judge them by their profiles .

Come on girls! Generally, women exaggerate their actual height by an inch and lower their weight by at least 30 pounds! Then why it’s an issue if men exaggerate on their height. And how can you forget the very fact that how many women literally tell their real age!! Don’t judge any men before you actually communicate with them for some time period. Don’t form your opinion from the profiles which you browse on online dating sites because the real side only comes out when you actually communicate with them.

Don’t feel ditched!

You interacted with some guy through online dating site and now you plan to meet him. Both of you really had a good time but suddenly he just vanished. And you end up wondering – where you went wrong? Don’t fool yourself by presuming that you are the only one for him. Men also have many choices the same way women have. If you presume that you are the only one he met through online dating then you must be completely wrong.

Don’t rush into meeting men

Once you start to feel a comfort level with him and it’s hardly been a month of knowing each other. You probably end up getting curious to meet him to check the chemistry in real. Don’t rush into it! Research suggests, majority of the women get disappointed after meeting men in real life. You need to remember that online dating requires some screening before you actually make up your mind to meet the person in real. Take enough time to get to know each other through voice chat or text messages. You should at least take 4-5 months of time to know him before you plan to meet him personally. It’s a better choice to meet one genuine man in 6 months instead of 5 pricks in a month!


It is not working the way you thought it wil l

When you enrolled on to the online dating site you perceived it to be an easy dating game ! You have never faced any problem in attracting men in your real life. You are pretty, intelligent and a great company to hang around with. But surprisingly, men who are contacting you on online dating sites are not of your taste. You know there are decent men out there but why are you not being approached by them?!

It’s quite simple. There are hundreds of options for them, in the same way women have. It’s a fact that women usually want to be approached by men!! Don’t hesitate to browse profiles on online dating sites and message those men you find attractive.

Don’t get frustrated too easily

It’s obvious that sometimes on online dating sites you will get emails of men who are stupid, brainless and annoying. Don’t get aggravated, all you have to do is to ignore them. If they still keep on bothering you like an idiot then just avoid them. Don’t waste your time in replying back to them. You can’t eliminate their names from the dating site, they have the right to post messages to anyone they would like to, after all they are also the member of the site like everybody else. Mostly women reply back giving them warnings but you know that it won’t be of any use! As a smart woman all you have to do is to delete the emails you find exasperating and carry on with decent men!

Right approach decides it all

If you think that you don’t get right men on online dating sites as they are not genuine. Then my dear friend your presumption is totally wrong! There are millions of great single men on online dating sites who are handsome, tall, interesting and intelligent. The only factor which counts to attract men on dating sites is your outlook towards them. Your success rate is determined only by the way you carry it forward. You need to plan your approach with the right attitude.

Unrealistic time- line

Sometimes women set unrealistic expectations! If you hope to meet a decent man in a month of you posting your profile on a dating site then it’s impractical. You won’t be getting your soul mate or a decent date in a month or so! Obviously you will be disappointed if you expect to come across your prince charming in a short period of time. In reality we all know that how difficult it is to find soul mates. Don’t just quit – just stick to it for some time period!

So finally, now after reading these online dating tips you know what kind of mistakes you have been committing. From now onwards just avoid these mistakes and considerably increase your success rate on online dating sites.

I wrote this article in April2008 for a blog called Embraceyourlove which was posted on www.Ezinearticles.com.

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