25 OctUnique 101 heart touching birthday wishes

Much awaited Unique 101 heart touching birthday wishesΒ which are personalized as the qualities and the kind of relationship that I share with my friends/students/relatives/colleagues/seniors etc. I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who treat me right, so on their big Birthday day, I never copy-paste any message from any website. It all comes straight from my heart and every time my friends love the way I pour my heart. I would like to share my messages with you all in order to tickle your brain as to how you can touch your loved one’s heart. After all, the thing that matters the most is how important and loved you make your dear ones feel! I have more than 1000 lovely birthday messages to share with you all. Whenever I will get some spare time, I will keep updating this list.


A very Happy Birthday toΒ _____________ In such a short period, you have won everyone’sΒ  HEART. The way you conduct yourself speaks volumes about you. The kind of comfort you have provided to each member of your team is commendable. It’s how you make others feel about themselves counts the most. You empower everyone and bring the best out of each member. Most of all, I can open up to you for anything, you handle any difference of opinion nicely. You are a breath of fresh air for us! Thank you so much for grooming us and always standing by our side ( even when we make mistakes)Β  Believe me..I am pouring my heart out and I mean every single word πŸ’•


A Very Happy Birthday toΒ __________________ You have been my first mentor in GIS. I always get back to you, you are my roots! that’s why I have grown in life professionally and personally. I still remember working with you, how you used to assign so many responsibilities to me🀩 because you trusted me that I can do it! 😊 I have never seen you raise your voice on anyone, how you handle every situation in just a calm way is commendable! You know how to empower people by appreciating them and seeing the best out of them. We don’t work together anymore, still, you have lifted me when I lost faith and strength. The best part is you not only praise me but also share when someone praises me in my absence πŸ€ͺπŸ₯°. My golden moment in pre-primary was when my display board secured the first position..😍 I still cherish that! Competing with Pre-primary teachers in terms of creativity is a laborious task after all.Β  Stay happy!


A very happy birthday to ______________. Your gracious nature is one of the best attributes that I love the most. You have always been so respectful towards me and that speaks volumes about the beauty that you possess inside out.As they say there is nothing more beautiful than a beauty of a kind soul. πŸ₯° You carry any outfit in such an elegant way. πŸ˜‡ 😘 love and light to you. Blessed to be surrounded with people like you who brings positivity πŸ‘‘


Hugs her tightly and can see her charming smile too πŸ₯° I luv youuuu…Whenever u meet, you have a bright smile..you are one of my precious friend with whom I don’t have to think before sharing anything. I can confide in you πŸ’•It all comes naturally because I know I am talking to someone with whom I feel safe ❀️πŸ₯°. I find you an extremely dedicated mom and wifey! Hayeeee your love story makes me believe that you never give up on people you love. So don’t give up on meh too😜. Miss our staff room masti time🌟 I have too many lovely memories of my primary groupπŸ’•


A very happy birthday to my boyfriend cum girlfriend πŸ˜„ because you have traits of both.. Miss you so much…your hugs and laughter every time we used to meet. You have been my shield, strength and yes my weakness too. πŸ₯° Admire you as a mother and the sacrifices you made without even giving a second thought to it..😘 We need more women like you who face fears with courage and overcome any challenges in life. I am still your emotional fool friend, I can never be a sherni like you 🦁


A very happy birthday to you my sweet and ever-smiling friend _____________. My last-minute dhoti and pagdi arranger for my crazy kisaaan act 🀩 In the staff room, so many times I had your lunch in your absence.. Stealing food is always tastier πŸ˜„.. What’s the secret of your charming personality? Whenever I used to meet you in school, you were always like a breath of fresh air.. πŸ’•πŸ₯° I truly love interacting with you and adore your understanding of nature..πŸ™πŸ˜Š


Awwww holds a mike n sings…monikaaa ooo my darling ..happy birthday.. One song for u.. Tera mujYear hai pehle ka nata koi..yuhi nahin dil lubhata koi….πŸ₯° I know you since I used to take grade 1.. My favorite memory is to come to your class and share your food..n even now whenever I feel hungry..I come to you bcz I know no matter what you will get something for me..I feel a sense of right on youπŸ€ͺ you have spoiled me in many ways.. You are my favourite “just a call away friend ” n I love the way Vanshika loves me😍 don’t you get jealous sometimes πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ ok jokes apart enjoy this day to the fullest n let’s carry this friendship for many more years to come ..high 5😘😘


Happy birthday sistaaa πŸ₯³ Hugs Rashmi n sings phulo ka taro ka sabka kehna hai… Ek hazaro mein meri behna haiΒ  ….may be this song is quite old but the feelings it signifies are pure.. N you are the second person after my sister that I am singing this song for πŸ’ž.. Pulls rashmi.. N Sits on the couch with comfort …. cheers for years of friendship that we cherish.. Today, I saw your name right next to me in the gems Id excel sheet.. We have come a long way 😘 a lot to express.. Let’s connect tomorrow..my teddy bear big belly is waiting to hug you😜😜


Hellooooo Nivedika – ever smiling girl! Happy birthday to youuuu 🎢 🎢 The kind of warmth you have shown towards me from the first day of joining, makes me believe as if we have been working together for many years.πŸ’• Just because of your presence I could sail through the summer camp theatre classes of Grade 1 and 2. Wooosh! We were on the same wavelength all through. You are so easy – pizzy to work with! We connected so well during and after the classes ❀️ You always knew when to lend a hand, that’s why even in my absence the show went on .😊🌟.
Keep smiling….


Hello hello birthday girl πŸŽ‰ M My darling friend
A Always there for me
N Nice to me all the time
S. Sincere in her approach
I I Love you ❀️
You are my gem friend and you know that… Don’t you? πŸ€ͺ you motivate me, love me and inspire me..you add value to my life by being there for me Though we don’t take much but I know you are there for me in the time of need.πŸ’žπŸ’ž
Btw I miss your candid jokes that you crack on me πŸ˜„


Happy birthday a -Jeeta rather cheetah πŸ˜„ miss seeing you …hugging you and our endless round of laughter.. Whenever you talk to me, I can feel you pouring your deepest desires and fears.. I feel blessed to have you. Though you have changed school but your place in my heart is still intact πŸ₯° I can feel the bond even from miles apart and I genuinely feel that it will become stronger by each passing year. You know what’s the best memory I have of you? Whenever you achieve something extraordinary, you call me.. πŸ’ž you share your happiness and sorrows with me. You are a combination of full time masti and a pillar of strength.Though m elder to you, still I derive strength from you.. 😘 love n light to you hamesha


Shuts the laptop in exasperation..Β  Recites a slogan.. Bahut hua slc kaaa kaaam thoda ab de apno per dhyaan.. Wah wah wah 😜 HAPPIIIII BIRTHDAY RAMAN… Chikni skin vali friend πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ€ͺ try applying for dove add, you will get selected in one go πŸ₯³ You never miss to compliment me for little things you like in me..simple compliments mean the most πŸ₯° thank you from d bottom of my heart for brightening up my days with your honest praise. Like you once said, we don’t talk much but we have this fondness for each other… Keep spreading kindness with your lovely gestures πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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