22 DecVir Sangvi You Are Just Another Pawn In This Game

My message to Vir Sangvi which he didn’t approve in his blog. So here it’s –

If I may Mr. Sanghvi – here is the rebuttal. I shall call this does Vir Sanghvi has a spine? Or is he just another political concubine. I don’t put you in the same bracket as Barkha Dutta – no! She is not as arrogant as you, she does not have your joie de vivre!Your scripted interviews with Sonia Gandhi and Saif Ali Khan makes me realize what a phoney you really are. Your dead pan expression every time you go to some exclusive resort makes me realize that your fall from grace will be as boring as your shows. You give us the references to your criticism of A Raja and co. Do you really expect educated people in India to believe you. To quote your statement from your text “pass on message to any Congress leader we met in the course of our work”. Who the hell you think you are? Who the hell are you to pass messages to the government?

Just remember – you are just another pawn in this game. And if you have any spine left – kill yourself or leave my country.

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