14 AugWhat Are The Factors That Dominate Our Mind?

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  • I have been quite ocuppied with some or the other things happening around me. Therefore, I have not been able to write.. not that I cudnt take out some time to write .. but I just didnt feel like writing anything. And I am not one of those who just write just for the sake of updating the blog..
    Too many things are happening ..
    From now onwards, I will try to update the blog every day or atleast every alternative days..
    Today I was talking to hubby about how our lives change with time.. and how we change as an individual.. AND sometimes how we underestimate our abilities and feel scared of attempting something fearing we will fail or are not capable of achieving “our goals”.
    I have been feeling quite strange about myself.. how I perceive myself in my own eyes.. Some people work towards proving themselves to others.. but now I feel an immense desire to prove certain “things” to myself.. I am not sure If I am able to convey my thoughts across to you..
    Isn’t it interesting to know on how our mind works?
    What factors dominate our mind in our way of thinking?

One Response to “What Are The Factors That Dominate Our Mind?”

  1. alcatraz says:

    Working of the mind? Interesting for sure, but don’t get swayed by the interest so much so that it might get scary ! 😉

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