25 JunWhat Do Men Lust For

Men Want Healthier Women Over Skeleton Look

What kind of body men like remains a big question among women. You will find so many celebrities undergoing plastic surgery to enhance their looks or to hide their age and even to look slimmer. Needless to say, it’s a dream of every woman to look attractive and be appreciated by her man. Based on my experience I remember this incident with my husband, we were traveling and there was this skinny girl (technically speaking she looked underweight) and my husband said “when will you be like her” I was like woosh give me a break, even if someone pays me million bucks to be like that I will never want to have that skeleton figure. Even after all these years still my husband refers to that girl and teases me! But I don’t give a shit!

According to a worldwide research, most men like healthier women with well-toned body over skinny women. After all, what’s the thing which is so attractive about skinny girls? Their bones thrusting out of their skin or their straight structure with no curves? Men like more of a dignified look with a voluptuous appeal. But one fact you can’t deny is that all men like big melons and big buns.

Men Love Tasteful Beauty Over an artificial look

What do men want? Men like to see how you take care of yourself by keeping yourself fit with a healthy routine and a decent amount of workout regime. Men adore the way you treat yourself. So instead of wasting your time with a layer of makeup, try to focus on having a natural look and exhibit your charming smile to impress men.

Impress Yourself First
It’s a nice feeling to impress your partner, but first you need to take care of yourself to feel good about yourself. Personally speaking, I fear of becoming fat! This drives me to push myself to follow an exercise routine to keep myself fit.

Curvy Girls Have Voluptuous Appeal

It’s nice to see curvy babes in demand rather than skinny women. Most of the famous models have shunned the skinny look and now follow a healthier lifestyle.

Men Will Never Stop lusting for fake boobs

Without a doubt, men lust for Pamela Anderson body and her silicon melons and they will continue to drool over fake boobs. But hold on! Men who want to have a long term relationships will not just go for lustful looks!

Be Confident Of What You Are

Even after all these years the beauty of women is still considered far more important than her inner beauty. You can still flaunt your sexuality no matter of what size you are, your confidence and intelligence can win any man’s heart.

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  1. dks says:


    I would like to use the word APPRETIATE instead of LUST. Looking for healthy body is not only the men’s choice but it is the choice of women also. It is a universal selection choice amongst other species also. The tigress will marry the strongest, the elephants prove their daredevilry to marry and impress the she elephant. The peacock tries to impress the she peacock by dancing and showing off the beauty of its feathers.

    So, it is not the lust but it is common selection phenomenon applicable on all of us.

    Man has been bestowed with some intelligence. He or She has many criterion of selection of their partners. It could be emotional compatibility, social status or could be anything which attracts the opposite sex.

    Looking good and healthy has been the most wanted wish of mankind since the civilization is known be it mohan jodaro, harrappa civilization or the era of Christ. Synopses of ancient jewellery found are the examples.

    I bet on this that the men are more satisfied with their dedicated partners than the big fabricated sizes of the man eater looking ladies.

    It is the female who lusts (in my words “appreciate”) for the strong men and it is only the females in animals who seeks and chooses the perfect one on the basis of the appearance and health criteria, had it not been the fact, only the males would have been the chooser. Which no body of us can deny. In men the selection is on the basis of many things, but a lady is the most preferred lady for a man who cares and understands her man. If a husband or wife asks for something or starts comparing it is an alert for him or her that he or she lagging behind somewhere and the things will go to the fittest.

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