27 JunWhy Men Are One Dimensional About Women’s Beauty?

  • The internet is buzzing with Megan Fox nude pictures and her thumbs pictures. Her nude pictures are highly searched and Why not? She is one of the most gorgeous and talented Hollywood stars , every single man is drooling over her beauty. But why her thumb is in the news?
  • First when I read an article about her thumb it made me freaking sick, not because her thumb is a bit out of shape but because how some people are screening every inch of peculiarity and tagging as imperfection. Especially, when it comes to rating a sex symbol in the entertainment industry, media use every digital mean to screen women’s body.
    • Needless to mention, we all know men pay more attention to the looks than women. I have always noticed men putting outer beauty in the scale of things they would consider while dating or marrying someone. That reminds me of one real incident that happened with me.
    • A few years back when I was single one family approached my parents for the wedding proposal. As usual the first silly step of sharing pictures happened. Later we started talking; one day I don’t remember on what topic we were talking he said your index toe is bigger than your big toe. This is that picture which I sent;)


    • And Mind it we didn’t even meet before that. I was like ummm ummm my very first reaction was cough cough what is he talking about? On the second thought I realized he literally zoomed my picture and screened every single part of my body hahaha! What a looser! It amazed me and I did feel weird! No prize for guessing I am not married to that guy!!! Some men are freaking crazy and have an eye of Google for petty things. The only real question that bothers me is why men don’t screen themselves first?
    • megan fox thumbs pictures

      Whosoever tagged Megan Fox undersized thumbs as some kind of physical flaw has an undersized brain!

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    1. Melody Glatz says:

      I know it’s a rhetorical question that you ask, but thanks for asking it anyway. I find it interesting that every inch is scrutinized by some men. I will admit that I have many flaws and imperfections, some not visible to the naked eye. Thank goodness that there are some men who can see the beauty within. Those guys are the keepers.
      ~Melody Glatz
      Founder, Singles’ Dating Convention

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