18 NovWhy Some Celebrities Are Self Obsessed

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  • There are so many celebrities, who make hell lot of money. But how many of them are willing to spend a small percentage of their money for the welfare of poor people. There are number of programs that are being aired on TV like MTV Crib s , VH1 My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding , Fabulous Life of Celebrities and many more that just focus on the kind of wealth celebrities enjoy.
  • There are thousands of celebrities who spend thousands of dollars on branded clothes and on their luxurious lifestyle. One of My favorite channels is MTV, few days back in the Forbes category of “The most Extravagant Handbags . Beyonce bought a Louis Vuitton Bag that costs more than 45,000Dollars.
  • The kind of reaction which usually most of us will be giving is- wow she is quite rich!( I guess that’s why these celebrities splurge around to be in the news). How oblivious it can get? When people are dieing of Hunger and the Richer is getting Richer, when the country produces more food than ever before STILL STILL WHY People are dieing of hunger every second.

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  • Celebrities like Paris Hilton who spend countless money on their wardrobes and claim that she never wears the same outfit more than once. Sometimes I wonder how and Why God showers so much wealth to those people who splurge around just to fulfill their own desires and wants.
  • Few Days back I was reading on some site that Paris Hilton has embarked into charity work. Just guess how?? “Paris Hilton donates her outfits” !! Can anyone make this dumb blond understand that millions of poor people who are dieing of hunger don’t need her branded clothes.
  • But at least this way one person is benefiting. No prizes for guessing.. Who else it can be? It can only be Paris Hilton who wants to get rid of her unwanted clothes from the closet and grab some media attention of being kind towards orphans by lending them her "own" clothes.
  • Before writing my views about Paris Hilton Charity Work I thought of searching some of her contribution towards the society. I finally came across one link where all I could find was Paris Hilton Pictures, Paris Hilton Music Album Promotion Labels and Paris Hilton Perfume Lines. See it yourself to believe it check it out .

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  1. PB says:

    Dear Pooja I am v. much impressed by your article on celebrities’ expenditure on luxurious article. Yes, I also agree if some amount is spent on needy and poor people, it can feed lacs of poor people, who are physically handicaped and are not able to earn for themselves.

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