01 NovWill Obama Be Assasinated ? – Is This The Same Thought Hovering In Your Mind?

Speech Of Barack Obama

  • I’m sure I am not the only one who has certain questions regarding the elections.
  • Will Barack Obama be assassinated or Will Barack Obama win the Elections and most of all If he gets elected- Will he be an ideal president who will keep all his commitments to change the way the government works?
  • Since the time I have realized that he is capable of leading The United States.. I have been concerned about the threat to Barack Obama’s life. The supporters of Obama are apprehensive about Obama’s safety. As the final day of the election result is coming closer, the threats against Obama is growing.
  • The only advantage which Mc Cain has over Obama is that he is white. We can’t deny the fact that still there are thousands of white citizens who are not willing to vote for a black man. Their criteria of voting for them won’t be to analyze the capabilities of an individual, but it would be more of choosing a white man over a black man.
  • But in today’s scenario the percentage of people, who thinks like that, has been changed drastically. The results of Obama Vs Mc Cain elections are almost decided. It’s quite evident from the fact that “Obama has a lead
  • I have been debating about on what the public feels about Obama getting assassinated.
  • There are some absurd forums on Obama that If you Vote for obama then you are endangering obama’s life. There are many claims about Obama being a Muslim. Is Obama a Muslim? Obama’s opponent’s Sarah Palin and Mcain has even bluntly refer to obama as a Muslim.

martin luther king jr

  • There is nothing new, these are just the tactics which every opponent party fabricate during the elections to gain votes. Needless to say, the tactics like these do gain a hype but in the end the real picture gets exposed.
  • I’m sure the American Government has considered this matter with great depth. What kind of security obama is availing? I read in the newspaper that he is being given almost the same secret service as that of George Bush.
  • I have seen so many celebrities making a claim that obama will be assassinated if he gets elected. First of all, it’s quite an irresponsible remark and second of all the media should not promote these kinds of despairing views.
  • Second remark which I read somewhere was that No African American has ever been a president of America . BUT BUT That doesn’t imply that they are not capable of leading a country. In the past there were many revolutionists who have been very influential. For example: Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Irrespective of the fact, that I agree that there are many reasons for obama supporters to be concerned. But always remember one thing – Any CHANGE will draw fire. No matter if it’s a black or a white man. JFK was also got assassinated, he was not black!!!.
  • Within few days, Obama will be the first black President of the United States. We all have been witnessing the opposition party targeting obama with all their tactics by fabricating false allegations.

  • There are countless reasons of Obama getting assassinated. But every revolution requires utmost faith, trust of the supporters. The fear of the unknown will always be there, whether it’s politics or any other field. Don’t let the fear guide you. Have a strong belief in your decisions, views and aspirations.
  • In the end all I can conclude is that be self aware and stand for your rights. Don’t let the outer ridiculous political tactics change your opinion. Any kind of conspiracy theories should not create a fear in your mind, whether it’s related to your personal life or in any other aspect.


Response to Vibs:-

    • I was so surprised when George Bush was re elected for the second term. The kind of responses I was getting from the media, documentaries, debates, forums and On T.V was totally against George Bush. But when the American elections results were out I was extremely shocked. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if Mc Cain will be selected for the American presidency.
    • Vibs you are totally correct on how the republicans operate. As you must be well aware of the fact that Barack Obama is leading, but you never know what will be the results of the elections. In fact, recently Michael Moore (Barack Obama) supporter clearly said in the Larry King Interview . He quotes “that I know the possibilities of Mc Cain winning the elections are more than Obama. Irrespective, of what the polls are saying”
    • One thing which is quite evident is that the way America works leaves a direct impact on every single country. As the American Economy is going through an abysmal phase of recession and due to this our economy is also going through a dull phase.
    • “Why foreign investment, share markets, banks, overall economy of India is not doing well”? For this reason, I am very much interested to know who will be the next president of America. I just hope Barack Obama will be the next President of America.
    • And I Absolutely favored Al Gore.. The public is more interested to welcome the Government policies that will benefit them financially. They are not at all interested in Topics like “Global Warming”. I think that the public is not aware of “how global warming can lead to uncontrollable disasters”. For most of the people “Global Warming” is just a scientific term. I guess more of general awareness and media attention is required on this.

2 Responses to “Will Obama Be Assasinated ? – Is This The Same Thought Hovering In Your Mind?”

  1. Vibs says:

    Well what I have learned about USA via ways of 100s of documentaries or articles I have eventually reached on a conclusion that its NOT the president or its GOVT who is the actually decision maker of this country!!

    There is a group of people inside USA who acts in a secret way i.e hiding very well and pursues the all governing bodies of govt to act in a very well planned way. Whoever president comes in their way i.e take example of John Kennedy etc they are simply assassinated.

    I really believe that these REAL persons of govt hide to prevent them from un-wanted attention which might divert them from their real goal which is mostly the creation of “One World Parallel Government” throughout the world.

    I know my comments are kinda very spooky kinda for a person reading it first time but all I can say that my statements here aren’t exactly result of some random article or documentary seen by me. Its an observation that I keep finding more stronger and stronger as years passes by.


  2. Vibs says:


    I’ll also like to point the example of Al Gore who was very well suited to become the President of United States during 1999 US president elections but to the SURPRISE of everyone George Bush was selected. There were many documentaries pointing about the corruption EVEN in a country like USA in the polling process !!! Believe me .. George Bush was NEVER ever fav of USA people. Even at that time Al Gore was the MOST probable person to become the president BUT BUT his policies regarding spending the money for Global Warming related issues MORE rather than the world domination made these SO called “Real Administrators” of the govt turned the favor for George Bush !!

    To know more about this man who was one destined to be President of USA here is a the link http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=al+gore&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&resnum=7&ct=title#

    To know about this Complete Biography please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Gore

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